Automated management of a DCC network

The objective of this large-scale project is to offer a complete and optimized solution for managing a fully scalable network. He will propose the creation of all the electronics and associated software so that the model maker is relieved of this part and can devote himself to shaping his DCC network. The specifications take into account the following aspects :

  • Decentralized management of network areas by a common module ;
  • Flexibility of network evolution by the management of a CAN bus ;
  • Restitution of the state of the network on a dashboard ;
  • Control of rolling stock DCC controls (speed and functions) ;
  • First level of collision monitoring integrated into the modules ;
  • Programming of routes, automation of actions ;
  • Ability to "take control" of equipment and drive it manually in traffic ;
  • Automated management of the passage of time (network lighting, switching lights on or off, etc.) ;
  • etc...

General principle

The design and development of this set will require several months (or even years) before offering a complete "turnkey" solution allowing the modeler to devote himself to shaping his network without having to take into account steering constraints.


All modules are interconnected by a CAN bus. Each module plays a particular role. Some will be unique, such as traction control, restitution or control modules, while the same common module (MOC) will be used in many places in order to control a zone of the network in a decentralized manner. This principle allows a permanent scalability of the network whatever its size.

The model maker can start with a minimalist network and make it evolve over time according to his desires without having to question the electronic elements already in place.

Project electronics

Maturity : 50%

Circuit handling the management and status of an entire area of ​​the rail network.

Maturity : 100%

Circuit supporting the CAN bus protocol and allowing the interconnection and exchange of information between the modules.